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5  fun jobs in Chennai for freshers 

It’s that time of the year again where every college fresher is stepping out of their nest, into the real world. And the most popular method of doing this is to find a job. A lot of us don’t know what we want to do for the rest of our lives, but here’s a list of jobs that will inspire you to follow your passion while having loads of fun.

For the smooth talkers:

Were you the kind who could not stop talking in   class and still get away with it by talking your way out?  If yes, then you’re the perfect candidate to be a client servicing and business development executive. Business Development and client servicing is the answer to how you can make a career out of talking and thinking on your feet. 

For the Picassos and Da Vincis

Is every last page of all your notebooks filled with doodles? 

Were you the kind who sketched your professors and made them look way more fun than they were?

Then you have the knack to become a creative visualizer and boy is it a fulfilling role if you have an eye for design. 

If you take the right steps now, your designs may feature in the newspapers, magazines, Facebook and yes all over the internet. 


For the wordsmiths:

Writing isn’t everyones cup of tea/coffee but if you could sum up your college life in 6 words or actually give the movie “Bardinaath ki Dulahaniya” a better name, then showing your wit throughwords might just be the line of work for you. If you think you could give better tag lines to advertisements or make boring things sound fun then yes you have a copywriter in you waiting to be discovered. 

For the Social Media Junkies:

We live in a world that runs because of social media and fortunately or unfortunately we are addicted to it. 

If you are reading this post on your phone and landed here through Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin

 then you might be the perfect fit for the Social Media Manager. 

What’s better is that you get paid to sit  on  Facebook , Instagram and Twitter all day.

For the people who Get Sh*t Done:

Startups startups everywhere but not many survive. Throughout you college life if you have thought of various business opportunities, or just innovative ways to earn some extra drinking money we think you would make a great growth hacker. In other words you are the person who “Gets Sh*t Done” and plans how a business should move forward. Clearing your exams without studying for them might be nerve wrecking but putting everything on the line trying to make the next “Facebook” is a completely different high all together.

If you deem yourself fit to take up any of these roles, contact us at info@thepixelate.com or fill up the form below.
Please upload your CV in PDF format.
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