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Valentine’s Day is that day of the year where people are either making fancy dinner plans or moping about not having a date. Having to pick between buying gifts for their partners or binging on their favourite food to celebrate their individuality can be quite a hard decision to make. All we did was made Valentine’s Day a little less about the social pressures and a little more fun. And what better way to make someone fall in love with you than to make them smile? Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory, reputed as one of the best restaurants in the city was our playground for this campaign. We had spent a few days trying to find boxes to fit a fully grown man inside it, and after quite a bit of hunting we managed to find two small boxes and put them together (Should have listened to my parents when they asked me to become an engineer). The box went from being a piece of trash to our colleague’s home for about 12 hours on Valentine’s day. Obviously, we couldn’t let him stand inside an ugly piece of cardboard for an entire day, so we made him stand in a really good looking piece of cardboard. The box was redone and branded completely, messaged “free hugs, spreading love”. Every hug to the box would open a slot in the box and a little present would come out. Usually A cookie, a rose and an extremely corny pick up line. The really cute ones got hugs back from the box and a jar dessert because, we’re extremely shallow people. In the end we were left with a lot of kind words and a many more Facebook tags. Some customers even offered to share their desserts with us (Score!) and that’s the moment we broke even in terms of the effort put in. Because Food. We like food. Especially when it’s free.

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